The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace?

   Personal Healing and Counseling   

Synergetic Vedic Session has been designed to place the whole person — body, mind and spirit — at

the forefront of the healing process, includes Full Body Ayurvedic Massage and Naturopathic Health Consultation.w
Based on principles of Western scientific energy medicine and ancient Eastern teachings, the goal of  Vedic Healing Sessions is to awaken your body’s innate healing potential.

You will meet with Expert who fully prepared with extensive knowledge and more than 20 years experience and comprehensive training in a wide range of professional environments.
I know that health and well-being are reflections of spirit, belief systems, energetic fields, body structure and body chemistry, embraces and integrates various natural modalities as a means of restoring health.

ball (till October, 15)       Ayurvedic Massage   Seance    90+30* min. $117 (value $160 ) 💖●●●►  ballb1 before calling
PRICE Only For 1 HOUR Holistic MASSAGE – $80  ***Appointments require in advance, at least 4 hours notice. Read SESSION ETIQUETTE & POLICIES

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 The remarkable, time-tested proven transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry techniques that will immediately open your access to powerful resources of healing and regeneration, effectively reduces anxiety, insomnia, ptsd, chronic pain and chemical dependency .

It helps you develop a positive outlook on life, while increasing health, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, and well-being.


   Detoxify • Rehabilitate • Rejuvenate • Exclusive • Private • Confidential Treatment     reflexology_foot   r3

 TWO HOURS  Vedic Seance Includes: ⇒   

FullBody Ayurvedic Massage and  Spiritual Health Counselling:

FullBody  Ayurvedic  Massage/BodyWork  (From Top to Toe)   60-90 min 

                                                                         uses SYNERGY of many techniques such as  

Deep Tissue
Osteopathic manual therapy
Visceral manipulation
Reflexology Therapy
Neuromuscular Technique
Healing Frequencies Music
Geothermal Therapy
Ayurvedic Oils
etc – and other variants of these basic methods …
 Massage can combined with gentle facial work and stretching to release muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Enjoy 90 Minutes Massage with the perfect combination of Deep Touch and Healing Relaxation Techniques.  A Tranquil FullBody Ayurvedic massage reduces pain, relieves chronic muscle tension, increases blood and lymph circulation, help in dealing with stress and make you leave feeling remarkably refreshed.


Several sessions are required but definitely you can notice improvements after a first session!

Spiritual Guidance and Mentorship ⇒ see more

Increase water intake for the next 24 hours after each session.

Book Your Appointment Online or Text  p on advance notice.


As a Spiritual Naturopathic Health Practitioner I offer a Wellness Transformation Program –  a Path to Health, Healing and Awakening!

Feel Answers from the Universe coming to you with Love enough to release the brakes you have put on your own flow, Dear Ones, and you will find your way back into supported movement, relief, satisfaction, interest, and joy.

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