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Warm ☯ Tranquil Healing from Enlightened Vedic Naturopath !

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► Seance is a wonderful blend of ancestor's wisdom and practice - an Experience ► that Enrich and Nourish your LIFE !

About Lubava

Unique skills, training and background

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Natural Healing Services

Alternative therapies for better health !

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Vacuum Cupping Therapy

Personalized Natural Medicine

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Clear, balance, and recharge your Life - Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually with our Services


Common Problems I Can HELP YOU With: ⇒ >>>

***** Relations /Work related Stress *****

***** Digestive disorder ***** ***** Muscle tension and stiffness ***** ***** Respiratory disturbance ***** ***** Emotional discomfort ***** ***** Immune System deficiency ***** ***** Acute and chronic pain *****

  The Unique Healing Effect is achieved with my sessions because each session includes a range of solution-oriented methods of interaction with your mind, body and spirit along the help of other Vedic naturopathic modalities, energy practices and therapy techniques:

                                     ball  1. Wholistic Approach to diagnostic and healing
                                            ball 2. Natural Vedic/Folk Remedies
                                                  ball 3. Phychodynamic as a form of communication
                                                         ball 4. Healing Frequencies Music
                                                               ball 5. Spiritual Energy Practices
I will help you feel and function better and for some people that can be life changing, even life saving. The physical body offers direct tangible doorways to enhance and heal both the physical & non-physical aspects of the human experience.

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You feel balanced, cared for and blissful. You feel your connection to Source. You project inner peace and radiate love.


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