Manifest your Dreams

If You Want to Manifest your Dreams you should stop doing these things right now

If you are trying to manifest good things , the key is simplicity. There isn’t much you actually need to “do,” because when we relax and go with the flow, we are carried to the things we want with very little effort. In fact, instead of doing so much, there are a bunch of things to stop doing if we want to manifest more easily.

However, as humans, we often think that in order to reach our goals we need to do more, as we are taught from an early age that you should work hard to achieve the things you want. So, as a result of this early conditioning, many of us simply end up “doing” too much, and this is what (ironically) keeps us from achieving the things we want! Because of this tendency to “overdo it,” some people may benefit from a discussion on what to eliminate from their routines, rather than what to add to it when consciously working with the law of attraction. With that being said, here is a list of things to stop doing right now if you want to manifest good things. Removing each of these behaviors from our “to do lists” on a consistent basis will help simply life, reduce resistance and get back into the flow. So, if you would like to master the law of attraction, Stop and take a break whenever you find yourself: DopnXpO_1RAThings to Stop Doing Right Now:
  1. Overthinking.
  2. Trying too hard or working too hard to get what you want.
  3. Complaining about the things you are lacking or the bad things you’ve manifested.
  4. Worrying about the future or trying to avoid the worst-case scenarios.
  5. Over-planning.
  6. Trying to fit in with others.
  7. Problem solving (unless you are enjoying the process of problems solving).
  8. Attending events you don’t want to attend.
  9. Listening to sad or angry music.
  10. Spending too much time with toxic people.
  11. Blaming others.
  12. Being attached to outcomes.
  13. Compulsively double-checking, revising or editing yourself in some way.
  14. Regretting the past.
  15. Explaining yourself to others and making excuses for your actions.
When you find yourself engaged in any of these behaviors, all you have to do is slow down and regroup. Continuing down the same path will only draw you further from the things you want. So instead of marching on take a breath, walk away, distract yourself, take a nap or simply space out for a moment. Taking pause will halt the negative momentum of these behaviors, and help you realign with the power of the present moment. Remember, the key to success with the law of attraction is simplicity. All you need to do is “be,” and allow the universe to take care of the rest. If it feels like what you’re doing isn’t working, trust me, it isn’t! You’ll get much further with inactivity than you will with overactivity, so take it easy.

Manifest your Dreams with these three Mindful steps

Did you know that what you focus on expands? When you start to move past focusing on the negative and start setting clear intentions and shifting your focus to the positive, the Universe steps in to support you. Here are a few of my favorite ways to manifest your dreams:

1.Dream Big

Get clear and very specific about what you want and write it down. Visualize your outcome as if it’s already happened, how does it feel? Speak your desired outcome out loud, and start taking action towards your goals! Be mindful that sometimes the Universe sees a much bigger picture than you do, so don’t place any limitations on what you might receive!

2. Strengthen Your Thoughts

Send Positive messages into your space through the colors and art you choose. Using Art in your space is great for mental focus and bright fire shades like reds, violets, oranges and pinks will add fierce energy to any room!

3. Be in the Now

Those projects and big ideas you’ve been putting on the shelf until you have time to “get to it”…get it done now!!!! These unfinished pieces keep our attention in the past, making it impossible to deal with the present moment. Create a plan of action to check off your To Do list because if you aren’t living in the present, you can’t be powerful!

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