Carillon Bowl

Vibrational healing has long been appreciated for its calming effect, but new research shows it also may have the power to also restore health created by chaos (toxicities and deficiencies) in the body. By toning or humming with intention to the tune of the Carillon, the healing effects can be powerful in: Breaking up physical, mental and emotional blockages in the body; Entering a heightened state of consciousness and awareness; Promoting the natural healing and restorative powers of the body; Meditation and clearing the mind of toxic thoughts and emotions. The Carillon Bowl is a large quartz crystal crucible based on an original artefact that was found in Egypt. It is said that this original bowl was used in sacred chambers by priests in order to tune into other states of consciousness, as well as for healing purposes. This same bowl has now been recreated from 100% pure Grade-A Quartz Crystal. It is set in the "Key of David" (F-sharp/G-Flat) and is used to create balance in the mind and body. The special vibrations of the bowl, combined with the power of your own voice, have used to promote healing within your mind and body to bring about new states of consciousness, transforming you physically, mentally, and emotionally. This bowl made to the exact measures that were anciently used to achieve healing and effective vibrational sound therapy. aw1 Benefits Soothing sounds from Tibetan chants to Beethoven symphonies, are being given scientific credit for preventing colds, easing labour pains and even boosting anti-ageing hormones. One recent study found that surgery patients who listen to comforting music recovered more quickly and felt less pain than those who did not. The pure tones generated by the Carillon take healing to a whole new level. The International Journal of Arts Medicine reports that infants in intensive care go home three days sooner, eat better and gain more weight if the staff talk and sing to them. More doctors are seeing a connection between harmonious sound and health.

If we're around very harmonious people and harmonious vibrations and harmonious sounds, we begin to feel better. I've never found anything more powerful than sound and voice and music to begin to heal and transform every aspect of people's lives. It can really change people's lives, which is why I use Carillon at Awakening WellBeing as well. Made from pure, quartz crystal and crafted to specific harmonic measures- the next generation white stone Carillon

Vibrational Healing Bowl is a modern rediscovery of an ageless wisdom practiced by cultures who understood the power of vibrational healing.

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