Guardians and their roles (part 2)

Absence of Guardians: Sometimes, the guardians do not contact with ward. This does not mean that they do not exist, although such a feeling can often arise or be angel_8given from such an information (learn to filter yours from not yours!). There are mentors, but they do not give answers, but only observe the actions of the incarnated, intervening only in cases of acute necessity, which, incidentally, rarely occur, because eventful field is sufficiently protected and formed by a high degree of inner harmony and awareness. Dangers and the human factor (gaffe, false step, negative karma generated, nearsightedness in relationships, aggression, etc.) are minimal, most standard lessons are long gone, people really create their world, not only not interfering with others, but also in many ways helping. If he goes out of the way, kicks begin, as with all the others, but they need to try VERY hard, plus they can simply move from one branch of reality to another if the key error has been committed. You can call this the restriction of free will, and to some extent this is so, because the higher the responsibility, the more leads and directs. However, usually this responsibility is taken at deep levels and the will is limited only where a person really does not need to be. For example, they may not be allowed to race, parachute jump or nightclub, so as not to pick up entities and not to expose the body to an increased level of danger. The apparent absence of custodians or their refusal to make contact often occurs in the souls that pass through the key / final incarnations, the multidimensional assembly and the Creator's exam. We have to act autonomously, without clues and cheat sheets, which many depresses (sometimes to tears), but the point is to gain maximum autonomy and responsibility. Such people are often "lucky" in life, they all develop harmoniously, problems are solved on their own, work takes place without much effort and energy (or gives a lot of energy for a quick recovery), but it takes a lot of work in the beginning of life - a lot of temptations and lessons. Often there may be a feeling that you live 3-4 ordinary lives, and even more, because friends and interests, work, places of residence, even appearance change constantly and radically (different aspects are activated and built in). Before that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, need to throw off the old ballast, otherwise the person is too heavy and can not store new knowledge and energy in the filled vessel. Zeroing, like losing the old and finding a new self, is also used as a test of motivation. Of course, the system also takes part in it and can often go too far, but a person is never given more lessons than he can endure. Loss of communication with Guardians is possible in cases when: ty- a man renounces them either by a powerful intention (from hopelessness and desperation), or as a participant in a certain sect / order / cult / ritual - there are cases when the connection is lost in view of the "long distance from home" (conditional term), where communication is difficult in view of the large number of transitions from home reality to ours, as well as 3D curtains - the guardian can take on the destructive ones - deceive a person and force his mind into life, making him incarnate in undesirable circumstances and throwing up various intrigues (violence, brutal murders, loss of reason). It can also be part of an earthly contract - the soul itself must realize that something is wrong, find a way out of the situation and re-establish contact with the guardian / higher self/ Home . Religions most often overlap the channel with the original custodians (although they give their own, but it will most often be disruptive) - there are people who want to keep everything under their control. In this case, the guardians may get bored of the constant disregard for their work, and they can step back Also, a direct connection with the guardian can be blocked in view of the fact that a person has forbidden himself and wants to pass a lesson without prompting, or is simply not ready for such a connection (he does not believe, is too infantile, dependent, wants instructions from "above", but not Work independently, etc. In the latter case, the destructive entities will also gladly intercept the channel and provide instructions for execution: from here, for example, "the governor of Allah, who destroy the infidels with fire and sword" and other preachers of truth that does not exist). - age factor also plays a significant role - the younger the person, the less likely that the guardian will directly interfere with his life, so as not to affect the development of the individual. This is one of the reasons why guardians may not come to the age of 25 (on average), although each case is individual.

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