Guardians and their roles (part 3)

angel_238Some wards come to the sessions and just need to solve their problems and answers to all the questions, considering the guardians as some servants on errands. "Let there be seen and show where I can get a loan and how to return it back" - about so sometimes the requests look. There is an excerpt from a long-standing but always topical post for a complete understanding of the picture: A person who has just come into this physical space as a baby is taught to focus only on logically grounded, physically determined facts. Hardly having learned to speak and ask questions, he endlessly hears irritable response: "It does not happen like this. Do not invent. Stop talking nonsense. It's just a fantasy "and all in the same context. By five or six years the child already has a tuned brain -"computer" working to suppress communication with his Higher Consciousness, to erase the memory of his Spiritual Home, to tear away the true knowledge that 52897238gives a complete picture of the structure of the Universe. The child learns not to trust himself, hiding true knowledge into the depths of his subconscious. Only thanks to such teachers and education, growing up, we all move in our own way of life, as if to the touch in the darkness, not hearing the clues, not believing in the answers. Our brain gladly assumed the role of the Messiah, suggesting to us how it should be and how it should not, which is right, which is not right. The endless fermentation of thoughts, the enlargement of anxieties, doubts and fears, all kinds of "suddenly" and "if", accusations, condemnations, nurturing your ego - all this is also his unconditional merit. A lot of negative emotions endlessly shakes our nervous system, which on physics is manifested through various diseases of the body. But it is important to look at all these facts from the perspective of experience, without censure. Simply the conditions of experience have become stiffer, the manifestation of subtle matter is not so obvious and denied, and finding a spiritual beginning in oneself is a very difficult task. However, the more valuable the victory, with which we return Home - we have managed to recognize, overcome, spiritually enlightened and got stronger. Returning to the conversation about the protective cocoon - being your consciousness at the level of the logical mind, such a state can not be achieved. Only after finding the awareness of oneself as an integral part of the Divine, feeling the energies of unconditional love and learning to dwell in them, to conduct through oneself an unlimited flow into the surrounding space, thereby constantly being in a state of giving, it is possible to create such a cocoon. More precisely,it is formed itself, without any special action.

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