Guardians and their roles (part 1)

maxresdefaultGuardians (Keepers, Angels, Custodians ) are parts of the teaching system formed around the Earth and not only. More often these are the parallel rays of the attention of our Higher Selves (parts of our over-soul) that accompany us through life, and structuring our reality for the most favorable evolution of consciousness and within our Zero Code. Usually people call them "Guardian Angels", but I skip the word "Angels" in order to avoid religious background. In other sources they are called "teachers, guides, mentors, twins", etc. Most of the guardians are our parallel aspects, or the individualized beams of the attention of our own Monads, members of our spiritual family, if you wish. Guardians can be attached to a separate planet, reality, genus or egregore (for example, Christianity). Each person has a chief curator who accompanies him all his life, and several changing assistants. It is with the main type of guardians that we go out to get information in spiritual sessions. The number and quality of mentors depends on the stages of passage to which a person passes his own incarnation program (Zero Code). Let's say there is one "minimal" option (life in a small town, work at a shoe factory) and "maximum" (the beginning of life in the same small town, but the disclosure of the artist's talent, and the subsequent transfer to the capital, with the further acquisition of the world celebrity ). In the first case, most likely, a person will have one keeper, in the second - another. If the work involves a large impact on the society and / or a potential danger to life / health, the custodians are added and their roles become more responsible. Also, the number of custodians increases as awareness increases. At the transition to a new level of consciousness, the guardians can be assigned to each chakra and the role of each of them will be to develop this chakra, helping the incarnate to become a more multidimensional being. angel_118Each person is affected by both hierarchies - "light and dark" (conditional labels). One pulls to spiritual development, the other - to the material. And in either way you can get lost if you break the balance. Guardians can also change the polarity, but rarely do. For example, if a person was a dark magician or sacrificer, he can get a dark guardian from the Egregor, who then accompanies him and in the lives of the light as a defender. And this will not be a violation of the laws of the universe. A person passes here the lessons of free will and, according to local rules, both polarities always influence him, between whom he has the right to choose his own way. Changing their own polarity during life, a person can change the polarity of the keeper, which also has the freedom of choice (but not always). With regard to guardians, the phrase "Everything is fractal and everything is the same / What's below, then above" is absolutely applicable. Like people, custodians have a personality (often similar to the person of the ward), they can be lazy, irresponsible, forgetful, playful, tedious, but in most cases have a sense of humor - the main currency of all worlds. They can cheat, juggle, and person can quarrel, and even abandon their services, whether at a conscious level or not. Guardians themselves, like any other cells of consciousness, have no forms and names, but often appear in names and in the forms of bodies that they possessed in their last incarnation. In 90% of cases they come in human bodies, so as not to overload the minds of the wards with other forms, but in practices also often met dragons, lions, wolves, swans, unicorns, peacocks and even lizards. In these cases, most often, a person either came from the civilization of these animals, or has a shamanic past, and the keeper is his totem animal from life to life. Also there are guardians created by the person himself and being his projection, whether in this or other incarnations. For example, children can create themselves "imaginary friends" who, with sufficient energy-feeding (by the child's thought-forms, can gain enough strength for autonomous work (if the energy is not enough, the thoughtform "falls apart"). It is worth noting that "imaginary friends" are not necessarily the creatures of the child, but can be quite real custodians, the connection with which is maintained at a conscious level during the first years of life, so as not to shock the soul that has come into embodiment by immersing itself in the reality of 3D. In some cases, the guardians on the "dark side" can be the very "monsters under the bed", frightening the child to work out fear. There are also cases when guardians come to the bodies of children (that is, they are born in the family of the ward), if they can not reach their ward with a subtle plan. There are cases when custodians were actually condensed into physical 3D bodies for the transfer of important information, although this is often a violation of the terrestrial contract and sanctions are possible for this. Keepers often talk to us through other people, mostly unconscious or even in a state of half-sleep / intoxication (so it's easier to use the speech device of a carrier to transmit information). The casual passer-by can throw a phrase that will put everything in its place. The same can happen with advertising on the street, the sound of a certain frequency, a melody or taste quality. Each of these small elements can carry the key to activating memory or unpacking a certain information package that helps in awareness.

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