Guardians and their roles (part 4)

angel_98No external tricks, no methodologies and practices here will help without constant work on yourself, without total control over your thoughts and actions. You can, as long as you like, while meditating, bring your energies into a balanced state, but after five minutes out of the house, immediately "quarrel" with a neighbor, thus losing all your settings. Our life is not to share, relatively speaking, for the time of righteous prayers and the time of social life. All is merged together and requires us to be unconditional honesty with ourselves. Words and actions, no matter how correct they seem to us, have no significance for the evolution of our consciousness, if they are not born of sincere motives and pure spiritual impulses, but for the next mark in the credit of life. You can endlessly lie to yourself, wallowing in the endless illusions and misconceptions of the mind, but it is impossible to lie to your Higher Self, your true nature. From those high spaces where it is located are very clearly visible all our mistakes, and all attempts to veil and excuse our weaknesses, our inflated ego, our resentments and fears. Negation can not attain purification. Until we, even in the slightest degree, deny our full responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, we are doomed to endlessly struggle with "windmills", which with enviable constancy will arise on our way. And the further we advance in our spiritual growth, the more our responsibility for all our thoughts and actions becomes. The keepers again and again patiently explained that their mission were notat all carefully to put carpet straw on our way. Their direct intervention in the events of our life is possible only in the most emergency, when something completely unplanned takes place, threatening the higher planes of our Soul. Keepers who care for us from the moment of our creation, who accompanyfantasy-160 us in thousands of incarnations, infinitely loving and compassionate to us, can only gently hint at something, gently give a sign or a allusion, invisibly embrace, sending, thus consolation. At night, they carefully and painstakingly take care of our delicate bodies, helping them to recover after any traumatic events. But life in embodiment is ours and only our experience. This is our personal everyday work. For the number of bump have getting throughout life, only we are responsible. Choosing a path, its level of complexity, the success of its passage is only our choice. We are very selfish, making claims to the whole world, forgetting, at the same time, that the cause of all troubles is in us. We are accustomed to constantly condemn someone or something, our internal aggression now and then spills out on those around us, we are suffocated by the unjust arrangement of this world. But the essence, unfortunately, lies in a proverb, once immortalized by Gogol: "do not blame the mirror, if the face is crooked" .... Therefore, all attempts to find some miracle methods for achieving grace, without applying any internal efforts to personal transformation, without passing through ourselves the energy of unconditional love to all things, without gratitude for all the difficult experiences as for the necessary lessons, are doomed to a one hundred percent failure. This is the structure of this world. Only through thorns we can rush to the stars. It is precisely after gaining this understanding that we immerse ourselves in physical bodies. And only acquiring understanding and fully accepting this givenness, we begin to rapidly evolve spiritually, thereby fully justifying the mission with which we came into this incarnation.

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