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Keep dreaming

Are You Dreaming Big Enough? “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt If you continue to learn your earth life lessons, you know that you CAN achieve anything that you want out of life, so long as you align your energy properly! However, though many people

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Right and Wrong

How Does “Right and Wrong” Thinking Affect Your Vibration? When you assign an event, idea, belief or person as “right” or “wrong” you are creating an inflexible definition of your reality. This in turn limits your ability to create reality the way you want to because your vibration hinges on external events. To explain, if

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And the world needs you now

The world needs you now. More than you know. More than you can imagine. The world needs your gifts. Your heart. Your compassion. Your understanding. Your ability to listen To speak To feel And to act. The gifts that only you can give, In the way that you and you alone can give them. The

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