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Spleen:  9-11am. { governs post-natal life energy, creates blood from food, controls blood and keeps it in vessels, controls muscles and limbs, raises life energy; manifests on the lips; opens to mouth (taste/appetite); emotion is worry/ over-thinking; taste is sweet; spirit : thought, capacity to think, extraordinary memory; creates phlegm } Book (Fill the form on right side) Your

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Stomach : 7-9am. { accepts and contains food and water rots and ripens food and water and transfers it to small intestine controls descending of life energy; origin of body fluids} Book (Fill the form on right side) Your Vedic Seance On-Line Now! ⇒⇒⇒

The 12 Main Meridians

Marmas (Meridians) Medicine is based on an intricate system of meridians. These meridians are similar to energy highways or rivers flowing throughout our body. There are 12 main meridians and eight extraordinary/spiritual meridians. The eight extraordinary meridians are spoken about here. The 12 main meridians are: Lung Large Intestine Stomach Spleen Heart Small Intestine Bladder

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