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And while that might seem like a rare combination, each discipline shares one common desire: to seek the truth, and to serve each patient as comprehensively as possible. may15I was born near the world's oldest,  deepest and magical Siberian Lake Baikal. My grandmother practiced herbal lore, and aboriginal folk medicine - helping people as a healer to survive in very challenging Siberian environments that was in Russia back in the beginning of last century. Being a child, I was very curious about many plants and other natural remedies my grandmother used. I remember how I helped her to collect different leaves and grasses, dry them and prepare natural potions. I learned many ancient secrets from my grandmother and traditional methods that had helped many generations of local population not just to survive but become the strongest and healthiest people in Russia. What I learned about trees, herbs, minerals, native secrets, and the hidden energy that surrounds everything have predetermined what I wanted to do in my life. That's right, - I wanted to become a healer, in order to help people in many situations when conventional medicine was not effective. After my graduation from the Medical Academy, I worked as a rehabilitation therapist in PRC Center, while at the same time studying Slavic and Asian traditional folk medicine, and also getting certifications in therapeutic and rehab massage. I learned and practiced many other types of holistic touch and natural healing modalities, and was developing spiritual techniques with gurus guidance. After a few years of work in traditional medicine, I began my own practice of healing people using my profound knowledge, educating and relaying experience that I had accumulated over my whole life. It was not easy for me to begin my practice here in Vancouver again. New country, new language, new people, and new environment – everything was challenging for me. I helped my friends and neighbors, worked in Russian community, volunteered, learned English and Canadian culture. It took more than five years before I could begin my first practice here, offering people unique and desirable things which they had not found before. Very often, the root cause of our physical or mental imbalance comes from our negative emotions which create blocks of energy flow in our bodies, that may lead to frustration, mood disorder, anxiety and chronic pain. That’s why I use a wide variety blend of East/West therapeutic techniques, mindfulness therapy, energy medicine healing, harmonic sound frequencies and genuine healthy eating lifestyle to act as a guiding star—redirecting the universal energy flow of light and love wherever it is needed most in our body. My philosophy is that Wholistic Integrated Healing is an intrinsic component to any truly healthy lifestyle. I have had the opportunity to work more than twenty years in many different settings with a variety of clients from the very young to elderly. The human body is a remarkable biological organism that naturally heals itself if allowed to, though often it might need a little help.

* Nurse Practitioner (Medical College) 1987 * Rehabilitation psychologist (State Medical Institute)1994 * Diploma of Buteyko Breathing Therapy (Breathing Therapy Centre) 1992 * Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing( First and Second degree Reiki) 1995 * Diploma in Holistic massage (ITEC) 2002 Balance Training For Rehab Client (Douglas College) 2004 * Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner (Academy of Energy Healing) 2004 * Naturopathic Therapist (International Institute for Complementary therapists) 2006 * Ayurvedic Health Practitioner (School of Ayurveda) 2008 * Certified Practitioner of the Art and Science Of Reflexology (Modern Institute of Reflexology) 2009 * Holistic Health Counselor (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) 2010 * Holistic therapist Diploma in crystal therapy (American Association of Drugless Practitioner) 2013 * Muscle Testing, BioFeedback Therapy, Applied Kinesiology (International Kinesiology Training Institute) 2016

I am friendly, experienced and highly qualified to consistently offer a level of service which exceeds beyond client's expectations.

Available 7 DAYS A WEEK. Regular 8am-7pm, extended 7-9pm.

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