Daytime Ayurvedic Schema

Ayurvedic physiology is very much adapted to – and supported by – some sense of regularity and your daily routine is such potent medicine. In effect, having a daily routine offers the grounding, stability, and predictability that are largely absent from our hectic modern lives. The routine itself creates a number of familiar and comforting reference points throughout each day that send a resounding affirmation to the deep tissues of the body that all is well, that we can be at ease. And so, when the body becomes accustomed to – and learns to count on – a daily routine that includes things like adequate rest, appropriate exercise, and a nourishing spiritual practice, the nervous system can finally begin to relax. As a result, a daily routine can elicit profound rejuvenation throughout the body without requiring any conscious awareness of the healing process.a7fe0 While the bulk of a traditional Ayurvedic routine is performed in the morning, there are a handful of things that we can do throughout the day to enhance the benefits of having a daily routine.

DAY ROUTINE Eat Regular Meals • Irregular meals and excessive snacking can weaken the digestive fire. • Whenever possible, consume your largest meal at noon (lunch time). This is when your digestive fire is at its strongest, and you will be able to derive the most nutrition from your meal. • Favor warm, cooked or raw meals, in accordance with the doshas you want to balance and the season. • Focus on eating without any distractions.

Establish Consistent Times for Meals This is a very simple way to create consistency for our bodies. It supports digestion, ensures that we are adequately nourished and eating at optimal times, reduces the propensity for snacking, and helps calm the nervous system by establishing another predictable pattern that our bodies can rely on. Establish Lunch as the Main Meal The digestive fire is strongest at mid-day, from about 10am to 2pm. This is therefore the best time to eat our main meal – especially for vata-kapha types, who can tend toward irregular digestion, a sluggish metabolism, or both. This also allows us to enjoy a lighter evening meal, which supports sound sleep and deepens the body’s capacity for rejuvenation each night. Implement a Consistent Work Schedule While this is not entirely possible for everyone, do it to the extent that it is possible for you. This provides another avenue toward predictability and supports a deeper sense of calm within the nervous system. Keep An Appropriate Pace As a vata-kapha type, this may present a bit of a challenge because vata tends to overextend while kapha can leave us feeling less than motivated. So again, learning to listen to our own inner compass is critically important. If we feel frantic and ungrounded, we should probably slow down. If we feel lethargic and lackadaisical, we might need to find a wellspring of motivation to push through any heaviness that’s dragging us down. By pacing ourselves appropriately throughout the day, we will tend to make better decisions, which generally supports health and can prevent stress. And if we can learn to strike a balance between the opposing tendencies of vata and kapha, we will be much better equipped to keep both of our primary doshas healthy and balanced. Allow Adequate (But Not Excessive) Time For Rest Again, this can be a tricky balancing act for vata-kapha types. Rest is indeed important and rejuvenating, so make sure you are getting enough but be honest about how much you really need. If you wake up tired, ask yourself if you feel exhausted and depleted (which likely means you need morerest), or heavy and sluggish – in which case you may have slept too late or for too many hours. Taking Your Herbs At Awakening Wellbeing Studio I aim to bring the body into balance so it can take charge of the healing process. The herbs you can use are intended to reset optimal function, and are never intended to be a life sentence. The goal is to create self-sufficiency rather than a dependency on a pill and powder. Yes, herbs are often an important part of the reset plan, but the aim is always to restore function and then eventually wean off the herbs.Taking your herbs at the same time each day is the best way to ensure that you take your herbs regularly. It also benefits the body – in much the same way that eating meals at regular times is beneficial. Click and Learn more about Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

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In Ayurveda, the importance of a consistent daily routine can’t be underestimated. It sets the tone for your entire day, bringing a sense of calm and well-being. It gives the body, mind, and spirit the chance to ground and cleanse, to start afresh.Continue Research PLACATORY EVENING SCHEMA

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