Holistic Hair Regeneration

Holistic/Vedic Beauty Care

h66 Beauty is not in a potion or in a magic pill. Everybody is beautiful in his or her own way – you just need a little natural and loving touch with Ayurvedic care. The head is one of the important areas that you need to take care because all five senses are located here.

Ayurvedic Hair regenerative Package Slow down the aging process and optimize the health and beauty of your hair/head. Improves elasticity, toning, firming and enlivening the hair.

This is special age-defying beauty enhancement program, restores natural radiance by detoxifying and nourishing the hair/skin; stimulate collagen synthesis and enhancing cellular intelligence and overall healing and regenerative powers as well as nurturing all the sense organs. From nature’s gift like herbs, Herbal tincture, fruits, vegetables, spices and minerals will restore a youthful, glowing complexion from the inside out. This customized regenerative Program can include Ayurvedic Scalp Herbal tincture Massage, AuricoTherapy, Nutrition, YogaTherapy, Violet Ray, herbal supplements, Mudra and Breathing exercises and Diet. ihairAll of listed below Important elements of Ancient therapy traditionally used to rejuvenate the scalp and give lustre and thickness for producing long and luxurious hair, also is known to reduce stress, anxiety and quiet the mind for clarity and contentment. Other beneficial effects are improved blood circulation increased oxygen supply and removal of toxins from the head and neck area. The special Scalp Treatment for Hair Stimulation used for the massaging action releases tension, revitalizes the scalp to activate hair growth and allow for deeper breathing and relaxation, triggering the flow of hormones release powerful performance enhancing neurotransmitters for feelings of contentment and joy.

Tools and Techniques can include for this comprehensive Program:

Naturopathic diagnostic
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h6Sattvic Food 
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Violet Ray
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Head/Hair massage
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h9 Yoga Therapy 
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Restore Your Natural Radiance From Within

You can choose whole Ayurvedic Hair regenerative Package - Price for  150 minutes: 220.00 arrow  or Request some of Treatments separate.

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