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The greatest WEALTH is your HEALTH

What is Vedic Sacred Psychology? This is a new way of studying the mind and analyzing mental diseases, which blends eastern yogic theories with modern psychotherapy techniques. This holistic system is based on the world's oldest scriptures, the Vedas - revealed to the sages of India, who passed down this timeless knowledge in an unbroken chain from teacher to student for the past hundreds years. This is a guideness how to become aware of how your own mind was functioning and malfunctioning, and how to clean it of its painful programming. Now we have dedicated our life to helping others to understand and clean their minds so they can realize and leverage their hidden power and enjoy life to its fullest. And also will train you on simple Ayurvedic lifestyle tips and natural ancient Indian remedies that can be used to support you when you pursue their inner psychological work.


GETTING TO THE ROOT CAUSE Identify the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms. In modern medicine, so often we are given a remedy to help us relieve the immediate pain of our problem, however, the problem inevitably resurfaces in some way because the root cause of the problem was not identified and removed. Vedic Psychology approach uses techniques to identify the root cause of your problem, and then treat it, so it will be eradicated permanently. NOT JUST FOR UNHEALTHY MINDS It is for Healthy Minds too!If your mind is unbalanced, learn how to balance it. If your mind is balanced, learn how to leverage it to maximize your potential and achieve your life dreams.
HOLISTIC APPROACH Looking at the whole person: body, mind and consciousness. In modern times you would go to different experts for a problem with your body, versus with your mind, versus with your questions about life. However, with the Vedic Psychology approach, we have all three experts working closely together to understand and serve you under one roof. TEACHING YOU HOW TO CATCH As the old saying goes, if you catch for a person, then you have to do it for him everyday. But if you teach him how to catch, he will become self-sustaining. Our goal is to teach you how to understand and manage your own mind so you don’t have to rely on psychotherapists. We will teach you about who you are beyond all the ups and downs of your emotions, and how to break free from the limitations of your ego and reactive mind. You will become the master of your own mind.
BOOK A SESSION Here are some of the things you can expect in a 60-minute Vedic Sacred Psychology consultation: 1. Identify the problem – get to the root cause of what is bothering you, holding you back from accessing your power, happiness and full potential 2. Process the feelings related to the problem 3. Learn and be guided to see the four parts of your mind and how they interact to perpetuate the problem – causing you to feel, think and behave in ways that don’t make you feel happy, or are blocking you from reaching your goal 4. Learn and use your personalized tools to manage your emotions and behaviors so you can be peaceful in every situation that arises in life 5. Cultivate and use awareness so you can mindfully act from a place of clarity and empowerment, instead of unconsciously reacting

LOCATION: The Studio has very nice and peaceful environment, designed by vaastu and locates close to Brookside Elementary, Surrey or Online Session .

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