Personalized Vedic Wellness Program

Personalized Vedic Wellness Program to eliminate chronic diseases and become strong and healthy - a Path to Health, Healing and Awakening !

I do not cure your chronic diseases, I simply teach and train you how to live without them

This Program is for you, if:

• You embrace a personal responsibility as essential for your own good health

• You no longer wish to live with recurring symptoms

• You have not experienced lasting success through traditional western methods

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As a Spiritual Naturopathic Health Practitioner & Vedic WELLNESS Coach


focused on ROOT-CAUSE analysis

and programs to Encourage NATURAL HEALING and strengthen Long-Term WELLNESS.

With a wholistic approach to natural health care counseling, my focus is always about recommending solutions that naturally address client needs - solving current health concern and/or Optimizing the overall State of Wellness NATURALLY.

Today's healthcare industry is doing more harm than good. The wholefood and self-care revolution is about waking up and taking responsibility for your own health Because drugs and over the counter medications suppress symptoms temporarily, the root cause(s) of the symptoms remain unresolved. Left unchecked, an alarming number of people discover more serious illness develops. Unlike western medicine's (MediSINs and phARMaceutiKILLs) focus tends to be a largely reactive method of treating isolated symptoms with multiple drugs and/or surgery that can have serious side-effects, that Holistic Wellness Program focus on proactively identifying root causes of the symptoms that help people modify diet and lifestyle habits which brings the natural healing and long-term resistance to disease.

I will teach you how to eliminate the main causes of your current and future diseases and let your body to do its homework to completely rejuvenate itself. There are four main components in my Healing System which I am going to teach you HOW to DO that and PRACTICE with you in order to succeed. These are Cleansing and Body Detoxification, special Breathing Technique, living Food nourishment and Daily Exercises (Physical and Energy activities ) which all together will bring you to the highest quality of life no matter what condition you have today.

Learn HOW to Take CONTROL of Your HEALTH and CREATE Energetic, Lean and Youthful BODY !

totbodetCleansing and body detoxification are natural internal processes of the human body. Your body's natural cleansing systems are a major part of your immune system and ability to fight off disease. The natural cleansing functions ensure your body eliminates wastes to avoid buildup of toxicity levels that lead to symptoms, illness and disease. With the slow loss of body system efficiency in the digestive, intestinal and circulatory systems over time most people begin to feel sluggish, experience fatigue, headaches, loss of focus and fuzzy thinking, joint pain which are all early symptoms of a toxic body. A body that doesn't properly eliminate toxic waste matters ultimately cause illnesses, diseases... dying... I practice with my clients very effective natural methods based on herbal and fruits components to cleanse and detox the body from waste and toxins. After three or four weeks of intensive cleansing procedures my clients lose many extra pounds and feel great and ready to explore all other steps of my Program.
82The Breathing Technique is based on the most effective Healing Methods which became available to the public to the end of 20th century. These are doctor Buteyko’s method and doctors Petrakovich’s and Frolov’s Endogenic Breathing Theory. According to those Methods and Theory the deep breathing is one of the main causes of respiratory, cardiovascular and many other diseases. I practice with my clients the special breathing exercises and also use designed by doctor Frolov special Breathing Device to increase the metabolism and energy producing during the breathing, to energize all the body systems, to clean the body and the blood from toxins and to prevent any heart and asthma attack. After two or three week of training my clients start feeling the first positive results and after three or four month they take the full control of their body systems and are able to reduce or eliminate all their medications.
This is actually not a diet. This is the only food designed directly by Creator to be the healthiest food for the human beings which the same time cures and eliminates any diseases. The Mother Nature and our Creator gave it to us initially. These are fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts which we can find in their natural state (raw and alive). Numerous studies in the world have many times confirmed that. During the training my clients come to understanding what food is really right for them to solve most of their health and vitality problems. I teach them how to make every step to living food , provide necessary information and prevent them from major mistakes. Of course, there are many pitfalls on the way, that is why people chose my Personal Training Program to successfully complete their transition to the right food. Consuming only those living foods raw and preferably in their season allows my clients eliminate one of the major causes of their diseases, quickly normalize their weight, clean vessels and blood from toxins, boost their immune system and become strong and healthy in a short period of time.
hl3Daily exercises are the essential part of my Healing System. But you shouldn’t worry because when you learn how to do them effectively you will need only 15 minutes a day to boost your body and all inner systems to the best performance. We don’t do aerobic exercises because they are harmful for you breathing and your heart. We do some muscles activities to train you the right breathing at the same time. We also do the body stretching and isometric exercises to make you strong and flexible, and to make you look younger. Meditation and relaxation exercises also help you eliminate any stress, free your mind and become emotionally strong to any life challenges.


I provide to my clients a two hours Personal Training session once a week. During the Training session you learn about the most effective ways of Healing Breathing, do Breathing exercises, Learn how to transit to the Healing Food and do Physical and Energy Exercises. After session my clients continue doing their every day homework to make what they have learned the essential part of their new life style. Through Personal Wellness Program - natural healing methodology and practice, clients become educated on how they can easily maintain extraordinary long-term health and wellness. Usually my clients require twelve sessions (ones a week) to completely change their approach to their health and wellbeing. They get rid of main symptoms of their chronic diseases, normalize their metabolism, reduce medicine intake and get the full control of their further Healing process. If they continue practicing all skills they have learned on Training sessions after four or five month the will be able to say “Good Bye” to their diseases and to their doctor. Some clients with serious problems need more than twelve sessions but anyway after the third session they start feeling the improvement in their state of health and sooner or later all their health problems become a history.


What Is a Personal Initial Evaluation&Consultation ?

If you've been struggling with recurring symptoms like pain, aches, intestinal/digestive dysfunction, allergies, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, allergy, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, anxiety and nervousness, insomnia, chronic fatigue, low energy, hormonal imbalance, overweight or obesity and want to explore how a personal consultation could help you, this is how consultations works:

You will be questioned about your Lifestyle; about Foods you like, about some Medical history and discuss in details your concerns and goals.

Because no two people are the same, it takes the time to listen to you, understand what you're looking for, conduct a deep analysis to uncover root causes of any symptoms then recommend a program tailored to just for you.

Along the way, you'll learn how to make simple yet effective choices that will enhance your health and overall well-being! It's fast, accurate, effective and a great investment in the quality of your long term health. Achieving and maintaining great health is a journey filled with choices, your choices and my holistic approach makes it easy and very effective. From the results of your Naturopathic/Ayurvedic Initial Evaluation&Consultation, a program is recommended to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be, naturally.

Lose the fear and watch your symptoms remiss within 5-7 days or 3-5 months;

depending on your bodies overwhelm and toxicity.

PRICING : Full  Initial Evaluation&Consultation (two separate visits) - $195   63312836_2z4z4lk Counseling or Follow-Up Personalized Wellness Program 1 hour - $79; 2 hours - $165

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