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Experience a truly luxurious and profound therapy to balance your energy, nourish your body and uplift the activity of the mind. In this Tranquil Restoration Sattva Seance start with long gliding strokes with traditionally prepared warm Aurvedic oils soothingly spread over your neck and shoulder bringing you to a stage of deep relaxation. As the warm gentle energy touch flows through the hair and scalp, you started sense a balancing effect within the deepest recesses of the brain, while stimulating the endocrine system's pituitary and pineal glands. While touching certain problem areas in a client's body, the client re-experience a wave of old emotions and feel a physical as well as emotional release. This indicates the emotions a client has stored within the black bag have formed a physical blockage. Releasing that physical blockage certainly help release the emotional black bag as well. A combination of Deep Acupressure and  Effleurage strokes give you possibility  to synchronize alpha brain waves, enhance blood circulation to the brain, improve mental clarity. Tranquil Restoration is a Fusion of many techniques and healing modalities (as Osteopathic Therapy, Reflexology, Ear Acupressure, Energy Balancing, Chakra and Marma Cleansing, Breath work and Energy Healing Therapy, Earth's Frequency Natural Quartz Sounds, Spiritual Healing Meditation and Color/Mandala Therapy) is an affordable way to keep your soul, mind and body healthy and feel divinely blessed. This therapy is traditionally applied for: mental and emotional balance, fear, anxiety, irritability, stress, indecisiveness, nervousness, flightiness, headaches and disorders of the nervous system. Please be aware 7-10 sessions may be needed for chronic issues. To get the best results please refrain from eating and drinking other then water or juice 90 minutes prior and taking any non-prescription drugs or any alcohol 3 days prior.

While my techniques are very different, the result is basically indentical - blissful COMFORT for all areas of your body that are chronically bothersome because of your job and activity. If you looking for a Best Place of the high skillful healing energy Sattvic Deep therapy, please come and experience the Outstanding Seance!

Warm  Tranquil Restoration  for YOU  from Enlightened Vedic Naturopath !!! 

OM Solely      FEW DAYS     With   🎁 SPECIAL 60+35*min PACKAGE 🎁 - $ 159 OM

that includes 60 min naturopathic seance and 35 min bodywork.

Exclusively - Only in my Awakening Wellbeing Studio - you can experience Therapy with Unique Ayurvedic Oil fit to your Dosha.

Rates: Regular  hour - $100 (8A.M - 7P.M)   Appointments require in advance, at least a few hour notice 

9 comments on “Tranquil Restoration”

  1. Susan, Burnaby

    Every time I go to visit Wellbeing session I feel like I have come home to my family, embraced in a warm glow of love and friendship.
    Although I first met her only in 2009, it seems as if I have known her forever, and that I have always been going to her wonderful studio for great therapy treatment and health advises.
    I look forward to visiting her each month now!

  2. Tracy, Langley

    I agree with both of the others here – splendid lady,
    if you can get an appointment with her, do it.
    The 90min session was well worth $200 and then some. I wanted to go longer but she had another booking. Everything about her is first class all the way.
    It really is something the way she makes your body tingle – you really can feel the energy moving about.
    I had Therapeutic Seance , next time i’m definitely going to try the 2 hour Integrated Trance.
    I already know it will be worth the investment.

  3. Dave, New West

    I love going to her healing session as it is such a relaxing experience. It is my favorite place to go for treatments as it is true what she says in her profile – she allows plenty of time to do her work properly and efficiently as possible. It is hard to find someone like that these days. She has so much experience, knowledge, wisdom on what she does – she usually amazes me with her knowledge. I would recommend 2 hour Integrated Session to anyone!!!

  4. Steve (Maple Ridge)

    I was looking for a change in my life, but did not know what or how to even start. Lubava is a knowing, accepting and highly compassionate person. Treatment is peaceful and relaxing, yet highly effective. After the first session my body and mind felt lighter. A few days after I noticed myself thinking different thoughts and seeking out things in my life that were more spiritually fulfilling. I started turning down all the external noise and listening to my internal voice.

    I found myself thinking of dreams long ago put on a shelf and taking action. I was able to clearly see where I needed to draw boundaries and put them in place in a calm self affirming manner. I was able to prioritize what is important in my life and take action to make that happen. In addition, people that I come across in my daily life started noticing the positive external changes created by the internal shift that Lubava’s healing helped me manifest.

    My treatments have opened me up to looking at my future with hope and happiness and anticipation of dreams coming true. As a healer she left me with tools to continue moving forward and healing myself, but when I get stuck it is good to know that I can return for treatment to continue moving myself towards my happiness and my dreams.

    Thanks again, all my best!

  5. Roland Sarazin

    It was the most relaxing bodywork service I had in my life.Lubava was really knowledgeable and caring. You can tell she enjoys her work and takes care of her clients. My body felt and looked great for a busy days in town. Can’t wait to come back to the more services.

  6. Mark

    Lubava was very professional, and after having numerous therapies throughout my life, I can honestly say that this was one of the best!
    I am not a person who relaxes well; if she can help me to relax, then he can help ANYONE!!
    I will definitely go back again. What a great massage!

  7. Marisha

    I have received treatments by Lubava approx 10 times. She really helped me through some difficult times. From the therapy sessions as well as the guidance and advise she gave to me I was able to have clarity and strength to deal with grief and to make good decisions for my future. Her sessions are powerful and relaxing with a lasting effect of balanced energy to carry through the week. I highly recommend to do weekly sessions for 6 weeks as the cumulative effect was strong and taught me how to be more in touch with my energy. I always look forward to my next session with her, she is truly a healer!

  8. Don

    Lubava is a knowledgeable, approachable and confident doctor. She knows the importance of good health and considers everything that matters during consults and, or treatment. I’d recommend Wellness Awakening without hesitation to family and friends in Vancouver area.

  9. Arita

    This is how medicine SHOULD be.

    I’m so over western medicine treating symptoms. And by “treating,” of course I mean masking them with drugs loaded with side effects & tested on animals.

    Naturopathy in general, and Dr. Lubava in particular, addresses the whole person and works to find the underlying causes of the symptoms. Then, the symptoms are treated with nutrition & dietary modifications, vitamins, and herbs (meditation and exercise can help here too!). Do you see the difference here? (Eastern medicine does this as well, for the record.)

    After talking with Lubava for an hour, we narrowed down my symptoms to a few diagnosis options. She was doing a few tests, continuing to research my condition, and in deciding on my treatment, she also do naturopathic treatments herself so that ALL of my healthcare professionals would be on the same page.

    Her session is so unique in that she can take the time to focus on your varying health issues, without throwing tons of meds at you.
    Everything is tailored to your specific body, and that was exactly what I needed. After living with years (20+) of stomach pains, digestive issues, insomnia, migraines, etc, I have never felt better in my life.

    So now, I have a diagnosis and a treatment regimen. Which makes me feel better already. As do self-care work,I’m beginning to take and the dietary changes I’m beginning to make.

    I am forever grateful for this wonderful place that changed my life and gave me back the vibrant health I was longing for.

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